Employee of the Quarter

How You Can Become Employee Of The Quarter!

Are you reliable, flexible, positive, energetic, willing, committed and friendly?

Our Employee of the Quarter honorees exhibit the above traits when interacting with our office staff and when representing our company on assignment. Being a willing, flexible, reliable employee makes you an automatic contender for this award!

Our recipients receive gift certificates from major department stores, movie tickets to a new release, or customized gifts selected just for them! Just keep up your hard work and you, too, could be our next Employee of the Quarter.

Lauanna Cox

Lauanna Cox

Fall is here and it’s time to recognize our Employee of the Quarter.  This month it was an easy choice!  The Torrance office is very pleased to honor Lauanna Cox as our selected EOQ!  Lauanna has been a favorite of one of our clients for over 2 years and they offered her a full time job just last week!  Lauanna is responsible, personable and always has a positive attitude.  Her ready smile, her can do attitude and her ability to meet each new challenge with gusto has made her a favorite with us.  We love her drop in visits and hope she will continue to bring her smiling face in to say hello.

Congratulations, Lauanna.  Your honor is well deserved and we are proud to now call you a First Call alum!

Richard Smith

Richard Smith is the Employee of the Quarter for the Santa Monica office. Richard is the consummate processional. He is bright and cheerful, always on time and attacks all tasks with enthusiasm. Richard is our “Yes Man” always accepting the task at hand with enthusiasm and unmatched dependability. In June of this past year, he accepted a regular weekly assignment and the client liked him so much that he is still going strong and a standout member of the team.
Congrats Richard, from all of us, and thank you for all of your hard work!