Staffing firms can play a critical role when adding employees to your company.

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Please refer to our Executive Recruiting program for more information.

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We are discerning and look at everything!

Attitude - Poise - Professionalism - Presentation - Appearance - Posture - Demeanor - Language - Grammar - Spelling - Computer Skills - References - Work Ethic - Job Stability - Personality - Interviews

Staffing Options

We're not just matching skills, we're matching people to a career!

Meet the challenges of seasonality, peak workloads, and special projects. Our team of professionals will find you a candidate who can stay as few as 4 hours or be there indefinitely. First Call assumes full responsibility for all employee wages, insurances, and taxes. The billrate is established when you call us with the details and you are billed for only the hours actually worked.

Have you ever hired someone who didn't work out? If you're tired of crossing your fingers with each new hire, our Temp-to-Hire program may be the way to go. This option is a good idea if you're looking for a full time employee but want to see that person in action before making the commitment.

We identify qualified candidates based on your specifications. Executive Recruiters conduct specialized searches using the latest technology and recruiting methods. We offer contingency and retained search contacts charging 20% of annual compensation for positions up to $50k and 25% of estimated yearly compensation for positions at and above $50k. Our process is based on proven analytics and insight you can trust. We offer a guarantee on all placements.

First Call is always the right answer when you are looking to fill top leadership positions. Our executive recruiters utilize the latest technology and sourcing methods to reach a large candidate pool. This is extremely valuable when searching for professional or technical candidates with very specific skill requirements.

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